The Owner:

COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES...... Bridgett Alexis lives her life full of expression. She surrounds herself with art, beauty, and creativity and allows that atmosphere to flow into all that she does. At 17, she attended school to become a nail specialist. After mastering this art, she went back to school and completed cosmetology in 2009.  She has extensive knowledge in the structure of the hair, skin and well as a vast understanding of color theory, which is very much required in this industry. Bridgett understands that knowing the ingredients in products she uses, what purpose they serve and why each one works, is equally important. Her background in art and wide range of skill, from ultra natural to the boldest of styles, allows for a unique influence and approach to beauty.  

At an early age Bridgett discovered that she had many sensitivities to things like laundry detergent, perfumes, makeup, soaps, certain foods..... she would have allergic reactions and not know where they came from. She ended up having to use all the smell free and dye free products which is no fun for a girl. This sparked an interest in what ingredients were in pretty much everything! After years of reading labels she started to recognize a connection between things that caused irritation with the same ingredients. With some research, she found that most of these ingredients were mostly a synthetic of some kind. Slowly learning more about natural products and using them proved that organic was the way to go....... years in the making this is how ROGUE & PURE was imagined and realized.


"I think outside the box…. I am an artist at heart and that unique perspective comes through in everything that I do. Being able to create things that are visually inspiring, beautiful and unique is important to me. Just as paint and charcoal are mediums for art on canvas, I see hair and makeup as a medium for self expression. Each person is a canvas and I get to help people express themselves everyday. This industry has always been a distinct influence in my life, and I have met some of the most interesting works of art, PEOPLE, because of it. 

Education is very important and key to being successful. There is always something to learn in life……and in this industry new techniques emerge every minute. Since I started in 2002, I have attended numerous certification classes including: color specialty, precision and razor cutting, hair extensions, keratin smoothing treatment, bridal hair design, high definition makeup, and mink extreme eyelash extensions to name a few. 

From bright red…to platinum…to color correction and every color in between. I enjoy them all and always welcome a challenge. I would definitely consider myself a colorist, its one of my favorite parts of the industry. The expression that comes from someone who loves their color is very rewarding and I like to be able to give that to someone."

"I will always thrive to create….. to have a vision and make it reality is a great accomplishment."        -Bridgett Alexis